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Friday, April 29, 2011

Have I Gone to Far? - A Note About Comments

In my recent entry, Have I Gone to Far?, regarding the column where I call the attempt of thoroughbred horsemen to attempt to extort subsidies from the Meadowlands or attempt to derail its leasing, I asked for comments regarding my original article.  Let me share with you the one comment I received thus far, from a person named 'Anomynous'.

Hey Fool

Why have none of comments made by thoroughbred horsemen been published on your blog?

The truth hurts doesn't it.
Making the assumption (I feel pretty safe about this) the above individual is a person connected in some way to thoroughbred racing, it might be a good time to review my policy about comments which I have stated before and have always adhered to.  As long as a comment is respectful (I made an exception for this response), does not make libelous comments, is not obscene, and is related to horse racing (no political ads please), it will be printed whether or not I agree with the person's opinion.
For the record, up to this point, there has been no responses made by known thoroughbred horsemen on my blog to delete.  I did note the comment counter for the entry in question is incorrect, but it is not from my deleting comments as the comment counter would go down (if this problem persists, I will report it to Blogger as a potential problem). 
Being my blog is 98% about harness racing, I assume it is a blog many thoroughbred horsemen would not be looking for or be interested in.  For the record, I have deleted comments in the past; often when they make unsubstantiated comments, are abusive, or making accusations so serious without any proof that it may have been libelous.  The standard applies when the comments are about people I like and those I don't care for.  But I never deleted a comment because a writer disagrees with what I said.  My feeling is if a person takes the time to respond, they have the right to expect it being published.   
I know of thoroughbred bloggers who have responded and their comments have been posted.  I admit, one response to one of those bloggers may have been harsh which made is why I wrote the article, "Have I Gone to Far?" because maybe I did go to far and wanted to know what my readers thought.  I will be reaching out to that individual to apologize if he felt I did. 
So no, I have not deleted any blog responses by thoroughbred horsemen or standardbred horsemen for that fact (as I am sure I have made some of them angry in the past) because they disagree with me.  I welcome comments from anyone as long as they follow my known standards and are somewhat relevant.  As long as you follow the standards, rest assured your response will be published.  
All I ask is you direct your comments to the proper thread.


Adlai said...

Nothing but respect for what you do here Pacingguy. No need to apologize in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

I'm a thorougbred guy that follows your blog daily. Just want to write - in support of the work that you do. I have enjoyed your coverage of the meadowlands saga and will continue to follow with interest. Thanks You.

The_Knight_Sky said...

If someone's got a bone to pick with you then you're doing a pretty good job blogging.

I haven't had to deal with it all that much myself. I guess I should go ruffle some feathers soon. :D