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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

New Flash: Tellers to Meet with Gural on April 20

Representatives of Local 137 will be sitting down with Jeff Gural tomorrow.  This may be the make or break meeting.  If the union comes looking for a better understanding of what is happening and is satisfied, the Meadowlands may be very well be saved.  If the union representatives come looking for sweeteners to the proposed contract, they may be walking away and the hopes for resurrecting the Meadowlands goes with it as it is highly doubtful Gural will make any concessions as it may require him to go back to the other unions.

As I have said below, unless you know what is going through the union's leaderships' head, it is hard to know what their intentions are.  If union representatives go home tomorrow disappointed, it may a case of "that's all she wrote".  If they are coming to clear the air, I would assume there will be a re-vote and while you would assume a new vote would come up with a positive result, you never know how many dissidents there are in a union.  I suspect there are many and the question may be how many of those can be won over..   

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