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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Tioga Downs Late Closer Nominations Due April 15

Tioga Downs' 2011 live racing season will begin on Saturday, May 7th and brings with it the annual slate of Late Closing events. The Tioga series' are the only events available in the region that are restricted to three year olds.

Pacing (the Kenneth J) and trotting (the Morrisville College Sale) colts kick things off on opening weekend. They are to be followed by events for their distaff counterparts one week later. All finals for the sophs are estimated at $25,000.

Another round begins in early June, addressing the more accomplished 3 to 5 year olds. New this year are separate events for fillies and mares, offering the girls a welcome opportunity to battle it out among themselves. The finals for these events are listed at $35,000E.

Overnight purses have been increased to a very competitive level this year at Tioga, and the racing surface has improved to be considered as one of the best around. Come and see why Tioga Downs enjoys a reputation as the most horseman friendly track around.

The Late Closer nomination form may be found by following this link: (Tioga Downs)

It will be interesting to see if a higher caliber of horses enter these races this year with the Meadowlands running a much shorter (if at all) meet.  I expect to see more Meadowlands stables nominating to these series as the nomination fees are small considering the purses they will be racing for.  Tioga Downs does a great job of obtaining sponsorships for their events which allow them to offer races like these,

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