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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Local 137 Meets with 'Elected Officials' - Update

It has been reported that Local 137 officials met with "elected officials" today.  As of now, no word as who those elected officials may be.  Could it have included the Governor? It is my personal perspective of course, but I am not sure what kind of support an elected official could provide them, when the situation is accept the terms or go out of business.  The Governor conceivably could add some protection for the union in the lease agreement, but that would be highly unlikely.

As much as they may have received some support from elected officials, it is just as likely the reality of the situation was made clear to them; finding nothing but sympathy from these officials.  My guess is if anything comes out of this, some compromise in the contract will be made which is agreeable to all parties so everyone can claim victory and move on. 

Update: The meeting was between the tellers, State Senator Richard Codey and Assemblyman Ralph Caputo according to The Record's John Brennan. According to Brennan, who has done an excellent job of covering this story, SBOANJ president Tom Luchento is happy.  As I suspected, expect to see a compromise on the agreement that will make the 'lifers' happy; happy enough to let it get voted on.  Once the contract is voted on I would expect it will be passed as I suspect reality is settling in.  Think about it, why was the union upset when three non-negotiating committee tellers showed up to Gural's meeting yesterday?  They are concerned about losing their jobs and what they heard probably makes them want to vote on the agreement.  It is all about saving face now and saving face it will likely be.

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