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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Maryland Update, Cashing a Running Ticket

Earlier today, we discussed how harness racing may be getting the shaft in a Maryland Senate sub-committee.  Well, Rosecroft and Ocean Downs will be eligible for $1.2 mil in operating expense subsidies in 2012 from slot subsidies.  The Maryland Jockey Club can get their $3 mil subsidy only if they reach a simulcast agreement with Rosecroft by July 1.  This comes from  This can actually be considered a pro-standardbred bill; you don't see those that often.  The  last agreement MJC had with Rosecroft was so onerous that Rosecroft was doomed to fail.  To get their subsidy, the MJC needs to be much more reasonable with Rosecroft this time around.

I will be the first one to admit what I know about the runners can fit in my pinkie but I know a 1-5 morning line on a horse with those few starts is asinine.  So, in my first wager on the runners in over a year, I tossed Uncle Mo and went with Toby's Corner.  I bet this ahead of time and paid no further intention.  Imagine my surprise when I found out Uncle Mo bombed at 1-9 and Toby's Corner, a legitimate second choice came in at almost 9-1.  I may know virtually nothing about thoroughbred handicapping, but I do know when to toss a horse when the odds are so ridiculously low.  After all, they do have to run the race.  Regardless of what breed of horse, it all boils down to value.  You need to know when the odds are realistic and when they are absurd.  There are times a horse can be 4-5 and be a value bet and there are times you don't touch them with a ten foot pole.  For those who would tell me there is no way Uncle Mo should have lost, sometimes it is better to just be lucky.

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