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Thursday, April 14, 2011

The End of the Line? reports that the tellers' union rejected the contract concessions asked for by Jeff Gural; even refusing to vote on the contract proposal.  As a result, I guess all we are waiting for is Jeff Gural to announce his attempt to save the Meadowlands has concluded. 

The proposal would have reportedly cut the tellers' salaries by 20% once their original contract expired on February 1, 2012. reports that Gural would have maintained health benefits for the union for two years.  This may portend trouble when the proposed leasor of Monmouth Park, Morris Bailey, begins negotiations with the tellers there.  Short of being suicidal with regards to their jobs, the only rational explanation for the tellers refusing to even vote on the contract is to show strength when they begin negotiations with Bailey.

Assuming tomorrow's deadline comes and goes which there is no reason to suspect it won't, I expect we will hear how the shutdown of the Meadowlands will actually occur.  The assumption has been simulcasting would continue but it has not officially been confirmed.

Based on's report, it appears the union has thrown the gauntlet down at Gural and Christie, daring them to walkaway and/or close the track. 

While it appaears the Meadowlands has not been saved, the racing industry owes Jeff Gural its thanks.  If not for Gural's efforts, the Meadowlands would have been history in mid-December.

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