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Friday, April 1, 2011

Friday Musings

Just a remind to all harness horesplayers that the second HANA Harness Poll is now open.  All you need to do is click here and spend twenty minutes of your time to make your opinions known.  Remember, the survey is intended for horseplayers.

St Elmos Hero returns to racing this weekend at Woodbine, putting his 24 race win streak on the line.  Being he has missed time he should be vulnerable..  A win this week will make me take St Elmos Hero seriously.

Earlier we reported the New Meadowlands deadline is April 14.  We now learn that the deadline is April 15; not that a day more means much of any difference.  At this point, I put the chances of the Meadowlands surviving at 50-50. 

Harnessphere is back on the USTA website.  The USTA found the need to change vendors supporting the social media platform and the conversion is basically done.  There may be a burp here and there, initially, but for all practical purposes it is back.  The site for Harnessphere, is still,  Yes, it may be moderated by the USTA, but it is a place where people can get together and be treated respectfully; something which is not always possible on other boards.

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