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While not required, I feel it appropriate to provide the following information.

General Information: This is not a handicapping/gambling blog. There are times I will handicap certain races (and accompanying race cards) I feel are of importance. At times, other race cards may be handicapped in an effort to show support for a particular track (usually because they are making an effort to reach out to race fans) or just because I feel like providing selections, but the main purpose of this blog is to discuss issues facing the standardbred industry from the view of a race fan. One should not have an expectation of this site providing handicapping selections on a regular basis. If you are looking for handicapping selections on a regular basis, there are plenty of other sites to obtain them.

About my Selections: While I consider myself a good handicapper (a subjective opinion), my selections are not guaranteed. My selections are often made a couple of days before the actual day of the race and reflect my opinion as to who will win a particular race; it does not account for late changes. Do not confuse handicapping with gambling. A good handicapper does not mean a person is a successful gambler. Gambling involves money management and a good gambler does not wager on every race and at times will not wager on the best horse in a race in an effort to get value for their wager. I have not and will not call myself a good gambler.

Just because I have posted my selections does not mean I will wager on them. I enjoy handicapping and sometimes it is just enough to see how my selections would have done if I played them. Sometimes, I will wager on a different horse (late changes, odds too high or low, etc.). That being said, I put a good faith effort when I make my selections. I handicap the races as if I was going to be putting my own money down on my picks; I will never deliberately pick a horse to win, knowing I will bet on another one.

Errors can be made when I post my selections. I cannot accept responsibility for errors in my postings.

Selections are for Entertainment Purposes Only (Disclaimer):My selections are for entertainment purposes only. You may wish to compare my selections with your selections or to get a different perspective. Selections are not warranted and no responsibility is taken for selections posted. Posting of selections should not be construed as an inducement to wager.

Please remember if you decide to wager, you should wager on your own selections and only through legal channels. Consult local laws in your jurisdiction before wagering. Underage gambling is illegal and is not encouraged. If you have a gambling problem, do not gamble;there are resources to help you in the event you do have a gambling problem.Remember, you can eat your gambling money but never gamble your eating money.

Statistics: Since my selections are for entertainment purposes, no statistics are kept regarding the success or failure of selections provided.

Fundraising: VFTRG does no fundraising for this blog.  Do not make any donations 'allegedly' for benefit of this blog.  Any fundraising which may be done on this blog will be for 501(c)(3) organizations.  An appeal for fundraising is not an endorsement of the charity; you are urged to do your research before you make a donation.  Under no circumstances will there be fundraising for non-501(c)(3) organizations unless there is disclosure.  Again, research before you donate.  VFTRG does not take any responsibility for whom you may donate to or the security of your information.  Do not make a donation unless it is through a known fundraising methodology and make sure the website is secure.

Publishing of Open Letters: The publishing of open letters is a courtesy which may be offered from time to time.  Publishing of open letters is not an endorsement of the letter's contents and may not represent the opinions of VFTRG or its bloggers.  The writer of the Open Letter takes complete responsibility for the contents of their letter.  

Compensation: I do not receive any monetary compensation for posting my handicapping selections. At times, a racetrack may provide me with copies of their program page(s) at no charge in order for me to make my selections; other times I purchase my programs in order to make my selections. Since I will not be indicating whether or not I was provided program pages for free, you should assume I may have been provided the program at no charge.

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