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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Horsemen Fight it, the Government will Take Care of It

Today, we earlier learned that due to push back from some horsemen, the RCI will reconsider the idea of banning Lasix from race horses and are asking the RMTC summit to seek out alternatives to Lasix.

Meanwhile, Democratic Senator Mike Udall fron New Mexico is planning on introducing legislation in the U.S. Senate to prohibit performance enhancement substances from race horses within one year.  Under his proposed legislation, a trainer found guilty of three positives will be permanently banned from the sport and any horse that tests positive three times will be banned from racing for two years.

Now I am not saying Senator Udall's proposal will pass; this time.  However, it horsemen continue to resist against outlawing performance enhancing medications and those that have the potential to mask them, eventually the government will step in and do it for us.  Sooner or later racing will be drug free.  It is just a question if we get pulled kicking and screaming. 

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