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Friday, April 1, 2011

Grab that Man; Continuing to Ignore California

Well, there was one more on air personality let go at TVG, Gary Seibel; the one individual who knows anything about harness racing on that network.  With that move, TVG loses any credibility it had with harness racing.  What is ironic about this is the last few days I have seen more harness racing on the station; probably because they continue to lose thoroughbred signals.

Gary Seibel is a national treasure for harness racing, being inducted in the Hall of Fame this summer.  Anyone who has the resources would be smart to pick Seibel up for his services; he reminds me of Stan Bergstein when he hosted the old racing from Yonkers/Rooosevelt shows; a person with extreme knowledge of the sport who could make racing entertaining.  Could you see Gary working at the Meadowlands or Tioga?  Even WEG would benefit from adding Gary Seibel to the team.

As far as I am concerned, I hope someone else comes in wanting to offer exchange wagering services in New Jersey so the harness industry can turn its back on Betfair.  Furthermore, assuming Jeff Gural does pick up the Meadowlands, the new contract will give the video signal exclusively to another ADW.

Speaking of California, it continues to amaze me how the industry seems to ignore Cal Expo.  I have no doubt the Strategic Wagering Initiative will make its way to Cal Expo, but with Cal Expo being a late signal, I don't understand why they were not one of the initial candidates for the Pick 4 support from the USTA.  To me, it would have been a logical track to include.  Yes, they already offer a $15,000 guaranteed pool on Saturday night's late Pick 4, but to add something more to it; to perhaps make it a $20,000 guaranteed pool may attract some of those California thoroughbred players who have been boycotting the exotics in California.  But I guess I shouldn't, as the industry continues to look only east of the Mississippi.  This despite the fact the sport needs a presence on the West coast.


JLB said...

Gary Seibel is a big, big loss, but don't forget Dave Weaver, with or without his on-air whip. You are correct, TVG's diminishing credibility for harness racing has all but evaporated. On a personal note, my small stable managed three wins at the M'lands in 2010, and, ironically, Gary's post-race comments belittled all three, attributing their success to competitors breaking stride or facing bad racing luck. But I was still able to cash the purse checks, and live for another day.

Anonymous said...

long time harness fan,
couldn`t disagree more about Seibel

Anonymous said...

I initially thought this was an April's Fools Joke since Seibel's profile was still on their site and it still is:

Talk about pouring salt into a wound.

Though I wasn't a fan of his (I'm really not a fan of any harness hosts) his presense or lack there of eliminates whatever prescense harness racing has on TV. From SNY getting rid of Racing From the Meadowlands, now this whats left?

Pacingguy said...

Don't blame SNY for dumping the Racing from the Meadowlands Show; that decision was made by NJSEA. I suspect they were paying for the show to be broadcast.