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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Have I Gone to Far?

Click on the above title to get a story from Dave Little which summarizes the extortion that the thoroughbred industry is looking to attempt to hold up the opening of the Meadowlands.  But I have a question to ask my readers?

Am I wrong when I call out the thoroughbred industry in New Jersey for attempting to shaft the standardbred industry to allow them refuse to accept the new economic realities?  Am I over reacting to what has happened in Minnesota, Iowa, Maryland and elsewhere?   Read the comments in the Michigan Bred Claimer and see how there is a thoroughbred representative taking apparent delight on how they believe they have Hazel Park by their  'baseballs'   Harness and thoroughbred interests have been working to get parimutuel racing in Georgia, but does anyone doubt if the legislation is approved, the runners will do all they can to keep harness racing out of the state even if they helped in the campaign?

Now,  I am not naive, if the harness industry was more financial secure and better organized, we may be in the the reverse situation and that is a shame.  We are all in the parimutuel industry and if we worked together without trying to rip the other down things mmay work out better..

Yet, we play in the sandbox with them and we act surprised when they get their daggers out.  Standardbred Canada covers a lot of thoroughbred racing for a harness breed registry.  Why do we act like we will get a fair deal with the runners when they get the opportunity to look out for themselves?

Want an example of the hostility to the standardbred industry?  For years, harness racing has had colored saddle pads and when the thoroughbred industry went to colored pads, they deliberately changed the color scheme so not to conform with harness racing which would have made things easier for all horsreplayers, but no

Years ago driver Art Giambrone developed rear view mirrors for a sulky helmet so he could see what was going on behind him easier.  Why do I feel whenever we get into a meeting with the thoroughbred industry that helmet should be mandatory equipment so we can see the stabbing coming? .

I want to hear from you.  Am I wrong, right, or am I missing something?  Clearly this is not the way it should be, can we ever get to the point where the breeds work together and then not try to screw the other?