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Saturday, May 24, 2014

You Got to be Kidding Me!

The Molson Pace is looking like it will be a great race with Foiled Again, leading the roster of invitees.  Also expects is State Treasurer, winner of the 2013 edition as well as Levy winner P H Supercam.  Granted, many FFAllers are bypassing the Molson, but considering The Raceway at Western Fair District is a half mile of track (seven across), it is a solid field.  The field and post positions will be announced Monday afternoon.

In a late-added promotion, the Meadowlands will be having California Chrome's jockey Victor Espinoza making an appearance on May 31st, signing California Chrome posters.  This is a great promotion, if it was occurring at Monmouth Park.  For a harness track, not so much.  The sad thing is this promotion is likely to be a huge success.  What makes matters even worse is in this day and age, could there be a 'name' personality from the current standardbred world who would draw much attention?  I don't think so.

Speaking of thoroughbreds, Colonial Downs must really not want to race this year.  Earlier this year, after the contact with the VHBPA expired, the horsemen withheld their permission for thoroughbred simulcasting, forcing Colonial Downs to close most of their OTW locations; keeping a couple open for standardbred racing.  The horsemen and Colonial Down have met with the track wanting compensation from the horsemen for lost revenue.

Are they kidding?  They lost the signal as a result of not reach an agreement.  This is one of the few, if not only tools, horsemen have against management.  Losing the signal was a result of faulty negotiation.  If they negotiated a little more reasonably, they may be racing this year and there may have been no need to pull thoroughbred signals.  It's part of the negotiation process and to ask for reimbursement for money lost is like one of the Big 3 Auto companies asking the UAW to reimburse them for profits lost as a result of a strike.

The harness meet is still supposed to be run.  I have my doubts about this because, and this is pure speculation and I can be totally wrong about it, one has to wonder without any thoroughbred OTW revenue coming in, will there be a need to file for reorganization.

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