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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Law and Order

Sometimes I think this website can be called 'Law and Order' as once again, we get into a legal action which threatens the existence of a track; this time Plainridge Racecourse.  Remember when the licenses was given to Plainfield, the losers acted as good sports but here we are, Raynham Park, the former greyhound track has filed a lawsuit asking the courts to revoke the license from Plainfield claiming it was illegally granted to them as the disqualified company will still profit from the gaming license.

Does their case have legal merit?  The gut feeling is no; anyone can file a lawsuit but it doesn't mean it will be successful.  Being the slots permit was issued supposedly without the right of appeal, there is a tall order for Raynham Park to reach.  So while one doubts the success of a lawsuit, as long as it is in front of the court, you never know what may happen; hence uncertainty remains.

The Meadows has been sold to GLPI (pending licencing), a spin-off of Penn National Gaming.  Some are making a big deal about this fact but GLPI will not be operating the track for Penn National.  As a Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT), GLPI has bought the track for the property and will seek an operator to run the racino.  All GLPI is doing is leasing the property out and collecting rent.  I guess it is possible PNG could become the operator of the track but it is just as likely that a different gaming company will operate.  Will this be good for racing or worse?  There is no way to know until the operator is named.44.

This year the final of the Hambletonian Monté late closing series will be held on Hambletonian Eve, August 1, instead of Hambletonian Day.  While it would be nice to have it shown in front of the largest possible crowds, there are enough stakes races on Hambletonian Day so having it as a 'feature' on the night before probably makes sense.

In an early preview of this week's final of  AJ Cutler Memorial, it is clear people now believe Sebastian K is being acknowledged seriously as the Swedish wonder is listed at second choice at 9-5 while Market Share is the 'overwhelming' favorite at 8-5.  Right now I am leaning towards Sebastian K but I must admit Arch Madness at 12-1 is certainly interesting.

Here is a  preliminary morning line for the Cutler.  Expect it to change once the driver changes have been made.

1. Sebastian K 9/5
2. Market Share 8/5
3. Sevruga 10-1
4. Archangel 15-1
5. Intimidate 6-1
6. Undercover Strike 30-1
7. Arch Madness 12-1
8. Possessed Fashion 50-1
9. Modern Family 8-1
10. DW's NY Yank 30-1

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