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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Build a Win 4 Series

The Molson Pace is coming to The Raceway at Western Fair District next Friday, May 30, 2014.  As in previous years, management is asking racing fans to pick the first three legs of the Win-4 (Pick-4) as the final race in the series will be the Molson Pace Invitational.  To select the three races you would like to see linked to the Molson Pace in the Win-4, click here.  The deadline is Monday, May 26.

Western Fair makes Molson Pace night their big evening.  The early Win-4 will have a $7,500 guaranteed pool with the final Win-4 (the one you are selecting the legs for), having a $10,000 guarantee.    There will be a Super High-5 in the seventh race which will also have a $10,000 guarantee and since it is closing night, there will be a mandatory distribution.

As for the race, the Molson Pace will once again be an invitational with Foiled Again committed to return for a sixth time in an effort to win his third Molson which will have a purse of $150,000.  In addition to the race, there are plenty of activities and giveaways which makes it worthwhile for fans to attend the race in person.

So if you haven't voted on which races you want to see part of the $10,000 guaranteed Win-4, make sure you go to the survey site and vote.

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