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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mothers Day

One of my friends on Facebook just loves it when she hears how horsemen are doing it for the money.  Here she is describing a typical day for her on the farm while her husband is taking care of the horses are racing:

It's that time of the afternoon where I go out and do my "small chores" around the out all the stalls of the horses racing tonight at Saratoga, topping 60 water buckets, dishing out hay to 30 horses, raking the aisles, grooming the pregnant mare and her companion, feeding 44 horses, washing five paddock coolers and hosing five wash - my - self. Racehorse people.....we're in it for the $$$. LOL.

Oh and by the way, she is a mother as well.  Make no mistake, there are those who do it for the money but I dare say at least 90% of the stables are in the sport do it for the love of horses more than for the money.  So remember women like this one the next time you hear how all these horsepeople are getting rich and in it for the money.  

And by the way, you know who you are.  I wish you and other mothers in horse racing a very Happy Mothers' Day

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