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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Tuesday Miscellanery

Wow, how wrong I was with California Chrome and his nasal strips.  I didn't realize the odds of making a change to the approved equipment list would be done so easily before a hearing that was supposed to occur today.  I guess I didn't consider the money factor.  The odds of them changing the list should have been 1-9 instead of even money.  Amazing what happens when a lot of money comes into play, both in attendance and handle.

I am not saying the rule shouldn't have been changed, especially since New York allows strips for standardbreds.  My problem is how quickly the stewards folded, like a cheap suit.  Do you think if the trainer of a $10,000 claimer went to the stewards a decision would have been rendered so quickly?  They probably would be discussing this two or three months later.

Everyone is treated equally, some just more equal than others.  How true it is.

Anyway, you have read the last of my Triple Crown coverage for the year and back we go to the standardbreds.

Perfect Alliance is a perfect 10 for 10 this year thanks to setting a Canadian and World Record in the Miss Versatility on Woodbine Racetrack's closing night.  In winning the race, Perfect Alliance handed Bee A Magician her first defeat in her last fourteen starts.  Of course, with Bee A Magician making her first start of the season, her defeat could not be a shock.  I suspect as the season goes on, Bee A Magician will win her share of races.

The Elitlopp is this Sunday.  If you happen to be aware of a track or ADW taking action on the race, share it with your fellow trotting enthusiasts so they have time to open an account if necessary.  Maven draws post position 6 in the first elimination while Uncle Peter draws post 3 in his elimination.  There are a couple of ex-Pats competing as well, having started their career in North America but now race under the Swedish Banner.  Those horses are Shaq is Back and Delicious.

Interesting to note with all those American Stallions doing double duty in Australasia, the leading sire was Auckland Reactor.  I am sure the $3,000 stud fee helped greatly in attracting broodmares.

Some racing commissions do a good job of keeping their website current.  Then there is New Jersey.  Checking out the NJRC website, you will be happy to know the November, 2013 NJRC meeting was rescheduled for their offices in Trenton; that is, if it was November.  Six months later, not exactly relevant.  Opposite the NJRC website, is the CHRB website where not only is it kept current, you have access to the meeting packets each commissioner gets in advance of the meeting, stewards notes and other interesting information.  

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