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Friday, May 16, 2014

"Riders Mount Your Trotters"

The Ontario Racing Commission has approved rules for Racing Under Saddle and as a result, is now eligible for purses funded from the purse account (endorsed by COSA and OHHA) and approved for parimutuel racing.

That's right, parimutuel racing.  Racing will be similar to regular racing but there are differences with regards to licensing and qualifying.  It will be interesting to see how well RUS is received in the province.  Of course, time will be required to allow people to become accustomed with this type of racing before making any judgement as to the popularity of RUS.

I don't expect RUS racing to become widespread in the province; a circuit of horses and riders is likely.

As for American parimutuel racing, time is still required to get everything in place but the USTA can license riders who may go to Canada to race if they so desire.  But with rules not formally approved by the USTA directors yet, one would think it will be at least another year or two before there will be parimutuel racing in the States.

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