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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Sebastian K Announces His Arrival to the FFA Ranks

As I alluded to on Tuesday, Sebastian K was a horse to watch Saturday (last night) at the Meadowlands.  I love those European trotters, I always felt their best trotters are superior to ours as their FFA division is a lot deeper than ours.  The problem is with horses shipping across the Atlantic to race in a stakes race (either way) and having to deal with quarantine issues, it is hard to get a true effort to gauge these horses by.

Well in the case of Sebastian K, he has been in the United States for eight months, so he was fully acclimated.  The question was would he be ready off an eight month layoff or would he need a race?

We got the answer last night as a bare-footed Sebastian K won easily in his first North American race, the first elimination of the Arthur J Cutler Memorial.  Whip never used, never urged, just a simple hand drive and a comfortable one length victory in 1:50.1 to set a new world and track record over the mile track in his first American start.  Watch the race and gauge it for yourself.

All I can say is if he stays sound, he may be the terror of the FFA ranks in North America this year and cracking 1:50 seems to be a virtual certainty.

His next test comes Saturday night in the Cutler final where he will do battle against Market Share who has decided to stay home and skip the Elittlop in Sweden the following week.  The Culter final promises to be a great race.

All I can say is the FFA trotting class is going to be quite a show to watch this year.

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