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Saturday, May 31, 2014

State Treasurer Wins a Hum-Dinger

Now this is what half mile track racing used to be like.  When you think about it, this is what mile track racing should be like as well.

The 2014 Molson Pace was a doozy with State Treasurer bobbling at the start, wiping out the trailer, Captive Audience, of all chances.  Foiled Again made a bold grinding move to the front, reaching the quarter in :26.1.  At most tracks, that would be it until the end, but they kept coming, forcing fractions of :54.4 and 1:23 with State Treasurer making an exciting move from the back to be third on the final turn (don't forget the move by Apprentice Hanover as both made three-wide moves at the 3/4 pole).

Granted, State Treasurer who made his own trouble, was aided by the swift pace of the race which let him wind it up and go on to victory, but this is what makes racing exciting to the public.  Action, action, action.  Not what passes for a race most of the time.  If the public doesn't get action, why not just go push the buttons on a slot machine?

Foiled Again showed guts in this race but as I suspect age is starting to take its toll as he was unable to grind it out as he once was able to do.  Make no mistake, he will win his share of races, but in those races where the post draw is unfavorable, he is going to be up against it.

Great Handle:  Handle for Molson Pace night was up 24% over last year.

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