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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Creative Mass Marketing; Less is Better

One thing I love about Elitlopp time are the great commercials they put together for the big race.  This year's commercial doesn't disappoint.

A typical horse racing commercial is not going to cut it anymore. Advertising on television is expensive, so if you are planning mass marketing/advertising, it better be unique.  Certainly the industry could create a trailer which could be branded for and by local tracks if they wish to advertise using such a commercial.

They finally get it in New Zealand.  To produce a better product, both the runners and standardbreds are cutting the number of race meetings and races during the next racing season (starting in July).  The expectation is with the shortage of horses, the horses should still be able to make the same number of starts but will provide for larger fields which, with better wagering, should provide owners greater rewards as purses will increase.

Now if only we will learn this lesson Stateside, tracks and horsemen would benefit, but people still need to learn the lesson

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