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Friday, May 23, 2014

Friday's Briefs

Starting Saturday night, the Meadowlands program will now show the sale and price a horse sold for as a yearling.  For those handicappers who look at sales prices for yearlings, this will be convenient way to gather the information.  Personally, I feel this information is helpful for 2yos, before they have raced enough to establish a sufficient body of work, but once they have a track record, I tend to discount this information.  That being said, a handicapper can't have too much information available to them, they can discount whatever information they feel is excessive.

This year, the Elitlopp is being simulcasted to the Meadowlands with wagering offered.  Some ADWs are likely accepting wagering on the race as well; check with your provider to see if they are handling the race.  If you don't have wagering available to you, you will still be able to watch the race at Maharajah.Se .  The first heat is scheduled for 8:55 EDT.

Ted Gewertz is livid about his mare Somewheroverarainbow not being invited to compete in the Betsy Ross since it would have given trainer Joe Holloway two horses in the race,  As such, Gewertz is planning to greatly reduce his involvement in the sport.  One can't blame him.  Why a trainer is not allowed to start two horses in the race is absurd and makes no sense.  Being an invitational, the racing secretary can make sure any one trainer is not stuffing the entry box.  With Pennsylvania allowing horses to be uncoupled in stakes races, it isn't a question of not having sufficient wagering interests. Then again, Harrah's is a little tone deaf when it comes to racing so it shouldn't surprise us they pulled such a boner.  With racing is losing owners left and right, the last thing it needs is someone chasing people from the sport.

Bet you didn't know Thunder Ridge Raceway is still active.  The track which was supposed to go to the quarter horses is still racing standardbreds since there is uncertainty regarding the historic racing machines.  The betting is as anemic (non-existent) as in the past; but with the situation in Kentucky so poor, horsemen need to be able to get some races for their horses.

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