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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Thursday Briefs

I would be remiss not to mention the passing of Hall of Famer Doug Ackerman.  I really don't know much about him so I won't pretend I was and write something, but when a Hall of Famer passes it is worth mentioning.  I'll refer you to the USTA website for an article about Ackerman.

Most experienced gamblers recognize bets like the Rainbow Super High Five is a bad bet, not only is it a sucker bet, but it takes money out of game with respect to churn.  That being said, the public demands jackpots so who are we not to offer them?  After all if racing won't offer these jackpots, someone else will.  The Meadowlands and other tracks with decent handles should offer such a wagers.

Joe Faraldo and the horsemen don't like the law which requires casinos to ensure horsemen get the same subisdies they did in 2013, figuring it would put racing in a stall.  Well, they claim a good law is a law which leaves both sides unhappy and if that is the case, this law is good for Penn National/Cordish has backed out of applying for a casino license due to the very law.  Projections showing it is possible that a casino planned for Rennslar, New York could be responsible for up to $6.5 million in subsidies to Saratoga Raceway has killed the plan.  So while horsemen are not thrilled with having revenue capped, casino companies are not thrilled with the idea of making payments to racinos they don't own.

New Jersey's case against the NCAA regarding sports wagering will be heard on June 19 with a possible decision on June 23.  This will not be a decision on the merits but rather if the court will hear the case at all  My guess is the court will decide not to hear it.

Thanks to my friend Scott Ehrlich for finding this video gem on YouTube.  From Sportsman Park, here is the 1976 Sportsman Park Grand Prix.  In this field are horses like Nero, Fly Fly Solly, and Rambling Willie, Nero, Handle With Care, and Young Quinn.  You don't have fields like this anymore.

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