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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

A Sale Much Needed

In a HRU article published in Saturday's HRU, and probably lost to mot readers due to the coverage of the Elitlopp, it was announced a new sale is being established; the Sunshine Select Sale.  This mixed sale, primarily established for 2yos in training is a sale the industry needs desperately.

Organized by a group of breeders, the Sunshine Select Sale will be a boost to the breeding industry.  For one thing, yearlings not sold because the RNA has not been achieved may be sold to pinhookers; people looking to flip these yearlings quickly at a 2yo sale (commonly done with the runners).  If the reserve is set correctly, this will reduce the number of horses breeders will have to buy back and provide them with needed cash flow.  In addition, thanks to these speculators, prices paid for other 2yos may be increase.

These sales will also help breeders with yearlings 'not ready for prime time' (sale).  Again, instead of not being able to sell the 'ugly swan' in November, they may be in the position to sell a horse which turns into a prospect come January.

But don't think this sale will only benefit breeders, it will help purchasers of yearlings as well.  A buyer of yearlings who concentrates on the Grand Circuit may determine a newly 2yo horse may not be Grand Circuit stock will have a place to sell the horse to someone interested in sires stakes horses.  A person who doesn't race on the Grand Circuit may find a horse too good for their stable and decide to sell the horse to someone who has the means to nominate a horse to all the stakes races whereas the original owner may only nominate to a couple of minor stakes.  Everyone wins.  Coupled with the sale at the Meadowlands just before the baby races, these sales will provide owners checkpoints to either sell or buy prospects as the freshmen approach their debuts.

With Bob Marks as the Sales Manager, this sale will obtain quality horses for sale.  As for marketing these horses to thoroughbred owners, it promise to be a challenging prospect.  While we can tell and demonstrate how standardbreds are a better investment with regards to ROI, the problem is purchasers in Florida are going to direct their gaze towards Pompano Park where they will find a horseman's group in a weak position.  It will be the Sunshine Select Sale's responsibility to downplay Pompano Park and show the options available elsewhere if they want these thoroughbred owners to believe there is a real opportunity to make a killing purchasing babies.

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