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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Will the Greyhound Industry Kill Horse Racing?

Reports from Florida from an anti-Greyhound group are reviving efforts to 'de-couple' greyhound racing from the greyhound track's card rooms and slot machines in Florida as a result of report that shows at Ebro Greyhound Park in the Florida Panhandle, twenty greyhounds were killed or euthanized at that track the first half of this year.  This is the not the first time Ebro got bad press, as back in 2010, thirty-seven dead greyhounds were found at the Ebro track, having died from dehydration or starvation.

If this de-coupling rule does gain momentum, one of two things will occur.  Either the horse racing industry will ask to be included in the legislation, getting rid of an expensive loss leader, or anti-racing groups will come around after greyhound racing is eliminated and focus on horse racing next.

Instead of being a bunch of loonies, this anti-Greyhound group is trying to get rid of greyhound racing making a rationale argument as Christine Dorchak, president of Grey2K USA, makes the argument "Decoupling is not about whether greyhound racing should or should not be legal in Florida, but whether the state should force a business to conduct one activity so that it may offer another. This legislation does not expand gambling in any way."
How patriotic and apple pie is this argument?  Why should a business be forced to have a loss leader in one business in order to make money for the state (and themselves)?  Not a bunch of people screaming about the cruelty to dogs, but making sound economic arguments.  What they do do is plant the message in people's minds that greyhound racing is cruel so it gives legislators the cover to defend good old American capitalism by eliminating the jobs of 'bad' people.

While Grey2K USA is concerned with greyhound racing, there are those groups opposed to horse racing.  Don't think Grey2K's methods won't be replicated by horse racing's opposition.  So for those horsemen who are doing nothing but collecting slot subsidies, just remember if you don't help make horse racing profitable where you race, you may find yourself subject to a de-coupling effort; either by the anti-racing groups and/or the tracks themselves.  Making racing profitable is not optional, it is necessary. 


Anonymous said...

One can hope...stop using animals for ENTERTAINMENT when they are at great risk healthwise! It's always about the $$$$$$$$.

Anonymous said...

Your snide comments about people "screaming about the cruelty to dogs" demonstrates a shameful lack of concern for the welfare of animals that you love to exploit for your own entertainment and profit.

Pacingguy said...

Not at all true. It was not meant to be snide. All I was trying to say was the arguement will be made on economics and not animal cruelty.

For the record, I am a vegetarian. I haven't eaten meet in six years. I support horse rescue groups and if you look at this blog you will see I talk often about saving racehorsese from slaughter. I rail against illegal medication.

In anticipation of your next question as to how a vegetarian can support horse racing, I believe you can enjoy horse racing and still be a spokesperson for change in the industry to treat the horses with more respect. They day I feel it is hopeless is the day I stop this blog.

Pacingguy said...

Pardon my grammer and spelling errors.