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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Why Are We Not Romping Here?

I just received me copy of the December edition of Trot magazine (a little later I assume due to the holiday mail) and I saw and advertising for ROMP (Racetracks of Ontario Marketing and Promotion) which includes most of the smaller tracks in Ontario such as Hiawatha Raceway, Grand River, Hanover Raceway, Georgian Downs, Flamboro Downs, The Raceway at Western Fair District, and Clinton Raceway.  All small tracks that try to promote their racing product together.  If you look at their website, you see they jointly sponsor a handicapping contest which is done in a league format with teams competing for the $10,000 grand prize.  In addition, they sponsor a late closing series which runs from May thru September for three and four year olds that are non-winners of $50,000 lifetime with a nomination fee of $200.  This qualifies them for a series which culminates with the nine highest money earners in the series for a $100,000 guaranteed final. 

The beauty of ROMP is that it allow tracks with limited marketing dollars and purse accounts to work together to sponsor events that they would not be able to afford on their on.  In addition, it gives the top dogs at these small tracks

One perfect state which would benefit form the ROMP concept would be Kentucky.  Anyone who has seen the racing at Thunder Ridge, Blue Grass Downs, and The Red Mile before the Grand Circuit comes in to town is less than stellar (and that is being kind).  They could develop a series in Kentucky between the three tracks.

We can also cross state lines.  Tracks like Monticello Raceway which have only NYSS races could benefit by participating in a ROMP-like program as would Freehold Raceway, and tracks like Buffalo Raceway, and the Michigan racetracks.

In other industries it is called cooperative advertising.  Maybe it is time the smaller racetracks work together to gain themselves some interest.  It is time to ROMP; now.

Meadowlands Qualifying Today:  There are twenty qualifying races at the Meadowlands today for pacers. I am not going to get into the discussion of which trainers seem to be uninvited from racing as that is a matter between track management and the person.  However, I do see Luanne Case is qualifying a couple of horses as from Joe Ricco.There are a few other trainers which seem to be coming in from smaller venues to take their shot.

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