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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

New York Gaming Association Explains Their Position

Pity Michael Wilton, Executive Director of the NYGA for having to write an open letter to the SOA of NY in response to concerns that with table games possibly coming to New York racinos, the tracks will rip out the slot machines and cut the horsemen out of receiving subsidies at all.  Someone else may feel the wrath instead of Jeff Gural.

Mr. Wilton has reassured the horsemen that it is not the racinos' intention to cut them out of their subsidies and have cited studies that show table games actually increase slot play so the horsemen will come out ahead.  To show their sincerity, the NYGA has invited the SOA of NY and other horsemen groups to join their organization.

Of course we know what this is all about.  The SOA horsemen likely want a piece of the action from the table games, unlike the horsemen in Pennsylvania who took no additional revenue from the table games.  Ask the Pennsylvania horsemen how they did without table game revenue; that is if you can dig a Pennsylvania horsemen out of his pile of money to answer the question.

No, horsemen may not get part of the table play, but they will prosper in New York despite what the SOA is saying.

Meadowlands News: Peter Koch, the racing secretary of the Meadowlands has indicated most of the late closers were well subscribed to overall, so the beginning of the harness meet should not have a shortage of horses.  Of course, the real problem will come in March when the Pennsylvania tracks open up; then we will see how bad the defection is and what type of racing the Meadowlands will need to put on at that time.  But for now, we can look forward to the first qualifiers on December 29 which is also the day the first condition sheet is due out and January 6 which is opening night.

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