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Saturday, December 24, 2011

NYS Task Force on Retired Racehorses

The New York State Task Force on Retired Racehorses has issued their final report on what should be done to address the issue of unwanted racehorses. 

In this report, it shows that other than donations to the Standardbred Retirement Foundation, most harness tracks wipe their hands clean of the problem.  Thoroughbred tracks tend to be more proactive.

One interesting item in the report suggests licenses need to go through courses regarding the retirement of race horses and the fact horse owners need to plan on supporting horses for six months at a cost of $2,400. A course would be required initially with refresher courses every three years.

Other good things from this report is that the gambler not be on the hook for paying for the upkeep, a portion of VLT revenue and a small amount of handle would be required to fund the program.  It isn't that gamblers couldn't contribute to the retirement of racehorses; but their participation would be voluntary.

The report should be read by all involved in the horse industry and fans.  Other states should also be looking towards New York's report for the care of their own retired horses.

Stimulating Business in Atlantic City?  Governor Christie has been wanting to stimulate business in Atlantic City but is this the way to do it.  Read how the Taj Mahal is getting a 'Gentlemen's Club'.  I wonder if we can get See You At Peelers to cut the ribbon the day it opens?  This is the way they are going to make Atlantic City a family destination?

To all my readers, celebrating the Christmas Holiday, once again I want to wish you a Merry Christmas. For a heart warming story about one of Harness Racing's own, click here for a story about Karin Olsson Burgess and where she is spending Christmas.

On Monday, I will be releasing my list of what I would like to see in 2012.

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