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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Meadowlands News

The march to transition is moving forward.  Employees of the NJSEA have been told their last day of work for the NJSEA will be December 23.  This applies to employees not only at the Meadowlands, but Monmouth Park and the Favorites OTW location.  Starting December 24, employees that will be continuing on at the Meadowlands will be employees of New Meadowlands LLC.  On December 20, the NJRC is to approve the transfer of ownership of the tracks.

In other news, the NJRC has approved the Meadowlands 81 day calendar.  The first night of racing will be Friday, January 6 with free admission and programs.  I doubt it would happen, but as a show of support, it would be nice if horseplayers went to the track the first night.  After the first weekend, racing will be held Thursday-Saturday thru March 10 at which time the schedule goes to Friday and Saturday until June 28 (there is a week off on April 27-28) when the schedule returns to three days a week.  After Hambletonian Day (August 4), racing returns to a two day schedule for two weeks until racing takes a break until December 28 and 29.  With the exception of Hambletonian Day, racing has a 7:00pm post time.

The NJRC has also approved Freehold's 90 day calendar with two meets.  The winter/spring meet runs from March 1 thru March 26 and the summer/fall meet runs from August 30 thru December 30.  Racing will be three days a week, Thursday-Saturday with a 12:30 post time.  The only exception is racing will be held on Labor Day, a Monday, instead of that week's Thursday.

The First V86 Takes Place -  The first V86 occurred yesterday at Solvalla and it appears to have been a success.  Last week, on November 23, the V64 handle was $2,528,761 with 246,255 tickets sold.  This week at Solvalla, the V86 handle was $4.939,398 with 873,642 tickets sold.  I would hesitate to call the V86 a success after one week, but Swedish officials at ATG must be pleased with the results.

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