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Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Never Ending Meadowlands Saga

I am really beginning to hate writing these columns as it never seems to end but John Brennan of The Record reports that the thoroughbred horsemen have agreed not to object to the opening of the Meadowlands harness meet and will not block the import of thoroughbred signals to the Meadowlands.  John Forbes indicated they would not stop the simulcasts or object to Gural completing his lease because they have no problem with the harness side; clearly their complaint is with the state.

At this time it is not known if the harness meet will be raced by the NJSEA with Jeff Gural's people telling them what to do or if the meet will be run with New Meadowlands LLC having a license to conduct the meet.  As of now, the state is still looking for a two track settlement but it is unknown what they will do if, as Governor Christie says, "the thoroughbred horsemen don't come to their senses."  Monday is the deadline in order to present something to the NJRC on the 20th.

Meanwhile, on the Monmouth Park side of the fence, the town of Oceanport has informed the Governor that they are willing to be a transitional operator until a new operator is found.  Oceanport has a lot to ride on if Monmouth Park closed as a lot of property taxes would be lost.

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