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Friday, December 30, 2011

Pena's Out and Here Come the Judges

Not commenting on the merits of Pena's exclusion, but if the Meadowlands is denied the right to exclude trainers and drivers, the Meadowlands is in for a rough time. The NJRC seems to be reluctant to deny licenses to individuals like some other states, most likely because they have no heart for court fights and let's face it, if Al Capone applied for a license, New Jersey courts would say he must be allowed to continue to bootleg booze as it would deny him a right to make a living. It seems New Jersey courts fail to realize a harness license in the State is a privilege and not a right.

According to Harness Racing Update, a couple of drivers are considering a move to the Meadowlands, coming over from Yonkers. Both Billy Dobson and Jim Pantaleano are looking to make the move back over the river if given support of the trainers. Expect other drivers to take up residence..

Over at the Standardbred Press Release board, drivers give their opinion about the new banking on the backstretch.

Anyone planning to go to Vincennes for the Prix d'Amerique?  Not only is it a big racing weekend, but there is a major sale of race horses there as well.  Here is the link to the online catalogue; it it should be interesting for those interested in how things are done elsewhere.  Knowledge of French is helpful.  Just be aware horses born in the same year all have their names beginning with the same letter in France.


Dagisan said...

I really hated it when Yonkers banned Sweet Lou and then did not state WHY???? In an industry known for suspicions and intrigue (to put it politely) what purpose is served to further that impression in the public's eye?

And what was once the pinnacle of the kingdom, IMHO, does the same??

When will we be able to man up and call a spade a spade.

Or will we continue to shovel the @%*! and just try to remember where the piles are as we walk through the races?


Anonymous said...

Don't assume NJ will issue Walter Case a license. George Napolitano, Jr. wanted to drive in Jersey and was refused a license a few years ago because of his history.

LI Guy said...

Why would the NJRC deny Pena a license? The New Meadowlands can exclude him now that they are a private entity.

Pacingguy said...

I did not make it clear in my comments, I was just making a general comment that the NJRC in general doesn't revoke licenses that easily for fear of ending up in course. At this point, they have no reason to revoke Pena's license.

Don't be so sure that the Meadowlands can exclude anyone. Yes, the operator is a private entity but the property is state owned. Years ago when the old Meadowlands tried to exclude someone (the name(s) escape me), the courts found that since the NJSEA is a semi-state agency they did not have the right to do so. The point I was making is the courts may say since the state owns the property, they MAY say the new Meadowlands may not be able to exclude either. I tend to think they will have the right to exclude, but you never know how the judge(s) think.