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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

An Attraction for Xanadu Which Racing can Like?

As reported by The Record's John Brennan as we await the painstakingly slow conclusion of the transition of New Jersey's racing assets to Jeff Gural and Morris Bailey, State Assemblyman Ronald Dancer has introduced a bill (A4238) allowing Jeff Gural to open a simulcasting center in the Xanadu development provided the developer agreed to it.  This would not count as one of the OTW sites assigned to the Meadowlands.  If the developer were to agree to it, adults who were dragged by their spouses, significant others, or kids would have a place to kill some time while the rest of the family shopped till they dropped.  If the soon to renamed Xanadu complex becomes the tourist attraction it is promised, this wagering location could be quite lucrative.  No action has been taken on the legislation as of now and with the end of the current session of the legislature coming to an end soon, expect nothing to be done with this bill at this time.  However, expect Dancer to re-introduce the bill at the start of the next legislative session. 

Casino gaming coming closer for the Meadowlands:  On Sunday, New York Governor Cuomo called for additional gaming in the State of New York, realizing the state is already in the gaming business.  While this appears to be good for New York racinos, it is also good news for the Meadowlands.  What New Jersey Governor or Senate President is going to be able to stand by and watch a full casino be built a mere 15 minutes from the New Jersey border (Yonkers) and not respond in kind to get a casino in the Meadowlands?  Every step forward for New York gaming is a step forward for the Meadowlands.  The writing is on the wall; we just need things to play out in their own time.


The_Knight_Sky said...

I like that teletheater in Xanadu, or whatever it will be called in the future.

The success of it will largely be contingent on whether Xanadu will be open to the public with ample parking on NFL Sundays.

Anything less won't do.

Pacingguy said...

Don't worry about the NFL teams. What about Bergen Counties Blue Laws?

Bonnie said...

Check out the Asbury Park Press online today. The back story is the Bully sent in his General Counsel and demanded last minute changes to an already agreed to contract with the horsemen. The horsemen will never agree to the changes.
Let's see who is the first one to blink.

Pacingguy said...

Bonnie, I saw it. It's nice to know the bully is the Governor and not anyone from racing. However there may be legal issues which prevent the license transfer. I will go into this in my next blog.