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Monday, December 19, 2011

Reindeer Racing

Years ago on Hambletonian Day at the Meadowlands, they had an exhibition race of morgan horses in the sulky.  It was clear from watching the race they would need to cross with standadrbred blood if they ever wanted to use Morgans for pari-mutuel racing; you hand enough time to go the windows and bet the whole day's card if you desired and get back to your seat and they were still racing.

Trottingbred races aren't as bad.  They are slower but they made the morgans look like they were standing still and trottingbreds also stay on stride.  A possibility, but admittedly a little slow for North American audiences.

Well at Kempton Park in England, where they have actually hosted harness racing once or twice, but are basically a thoroughbred track, they tried Reindeer Racing on the flat.  Well admittedly, we got to see a baby race, but based on the results; well you can judge it for yourself.... 

Clearly, they are not ready for prime time.

However, I hope to get you into the holiday spirit with a harness race on the ice at St. Moritz.  As long as the lake freezes, they have the races every year.

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