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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Harness Racing Bermuda Style

Boxing Day means the annual Boxing Day trottingbred racing card in Devonshire, Bermuda.  The trottingbreds race half mile contests but come back for a second heat. No, there is no gambling on the trottingbreds (being fields tend to be between two to four horses per heat; just as well) and unlike the standardbreds they race using time bars.  One of the reasons standardbreds don't come to Bermuda is due to the amount of land required for housing them.  So if there is no gambling, how can they afford to keep racing at this racetrack?  They charge an admission fee of  $5.00.  Could you imagine an American track charging $5.00 admission?  It goes to show if you betting or not, putting on a good show will get people to your racetrack.  The problem is how many tracks are putting on a good show these days?



JLB said...

You have found the one track where Roger Huston hasn't announced-yet.

Anonymous said...

If you go to that Bermuda website and look at the pictures, it says one of the competing horses was Casimir Camotion. Could that possibly be THE Casimir Camotion???

Pacingguy said...

I saw that myself. My belief is they only have trottingbreds in Bermuda. There is no reason why the same name can be used amongst different breeds of horses.