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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Tuesday Briefs

Even I, a disinterested  individual, can't help but read some of the stories about California Chrome.  While I hope California Chrome does win the Triple Crown, one should remember there are runners who have been pointed towards the Belmont, ready to play the spoiler so I suggest people keep their hopes in check.

Regardless, those who hope for a bump from a Triple Crown winner are certain to be disappointed.  Yes, this year there may be some increased interest in thoroughbred racing this year, but by next year, the ills of racing (high takeout, breakdowns, etc.) will result in any increase in the fan base to disappear.  You can't expect to gain and keep new customers unless you improve the product.

PTP writes a great piece about the apparent disconnect between the rank and file and their supposed leaders.  Something needs to be done to eliminate or at least reduce the disconnect.  The leaders are supposed to represent their members not to have their own agendas.

Good news in Connecticut.  The state has determined horses are not vicious animals, eliminating a decision previously made by the state's Supreme Court.  Those who have horses in CT may continue to have them and be able to get liability insurance.  Why do I mention this case?  The decision of the court may have set a national precedent if not blocked.  Should the court's decision had become precedent, it is possible insurance costs would skyrocket that racetracks which still had backstretches would close them and those training at private facilities would find their monthly bills rise dramatically as well.  There are enough barriers to horse ownership the way it is, this is something all of racing could do without.

In a more serious note, you may have or will be hearing some news regarding trainer Greg Peck.  I certainly am not privy to all the details regarding what has allegedly transpired nor the innocence or guilt of Mr. Peck.  I suggest we wait until the facts become clearer and Peck gets a chance to have his side of the story heard in the proper arena.

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