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Friday, June 20, 2014

Fallout Regarding Sears

Continuing on yesterday afternoon's blockbuster about Sears being banned from the Meadowlands, I would like to follow up on some of the issues raised by readers of the blog on other sites.

Needless to say, most comments are in support of Brian Sears from racing participants and many horse players.  This doesn't surprise me, after all if Sears was banned because he races at Yonkers, it is a major change in the way drivers operate.

I will answer some of the issues raised to me in a question and answer format.

Q: I can't believe Sears was banned due to not racing at the Meadowlands.
A: Well, that was the reason.  Sears was asked to help out when Andy and Dave Miller went down with injuries and apparently he reneged on an arrangement.  My guess is this conflict will be rectified shortly and Sears will be allowed to drive.

Q:  If it is because Sears is racing at Yonkers, why is he being excluded?.  After all drivers are free agents.
A:  You need to remember, it isn't a case of a driver heading off to Harrah's or Pocono Downs.  Yonkers is a direct competitor to the Meadowlands being less than 15 miles away.  If you align yourself with a direct competitor, why should you expect to be warmly welcomed when you show up at the competitors track?  In addition, being the Meadowlands has Grand Circuit drivers on their current roster, by eliminating Sears, you are giving the other drivers an incentive as they may pick up the Grand Circuit drives Sears may lose.

Q:  There must be something more to it.  Notice how Sears called off his four drives at Yonkers last night?
A:  Hold off there buckeroo.  Don't read anything into Sears calling out.  It can simply be the emotional drain of the story breaking yesterday and not wanting to deal with it.  Don't insinuate anything from Brian's absence yesterday.

Q:  Who is Gural to deny owners the right of choosing a properly licensed driver?
A:  The owner/operator of the track, that's who.  Despite the comments made by some, there are many capable drivers at the Meadowlands to choose a different driver from.

Q:  Drivers always have gone where the money is.  Why now is this a problem?  
A:  Traditionally, they shift to tracks which are more distant.  Not 15 miles apart.  

Q:  Why is this a good business decision by Gural?  What does he have to gain from it?
A:  I never said it was a good business decision.  I said as operator, he has the right to make the decision.  As for what he has to gain from it, that is above my pay grade.  Time will tell.

Q:  Drivers are free agents and free to drive where they want.
A:  As independent contractors, they are free to race where they want.  However the owner of a track has the right to tell an independent contractor they are not welcome, just as in any other business.   

Feel free to ask more questions and I will try to answer them.

Prelude to a court case?  This morning Sears showed up and attempted to qualify a horse and was stopped.  One has to wonder if this was done on advice of counsel to show damages, after alal he must have known he would be stopped.  Of course, one has to wonder why someone declared persona non-grata was even allowed on the grounds of the Meadowlands.  I

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