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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Jamieson Gets a Positive

According to a report at, driver Jody Jamieson has tested positive for cocaine and is currently serving an immediate suspension of 15 days pending a final disposition by the ORC.

Sadly, assuming the test results are confirmed by the ORC, Jamieson will not be the first driver, nor will he be the last driver to be caught testing positive for an illegal substance.  You can imagine the comments certain harness racing fans will be making regarding the revelation of the failed drug test; it is something certain people will be willing to remind him of once he returns to sulky perhaps through the end of his career; often being shouted at him after a losing drive.  This unfortunately is what happens when you are a public (at least in the racing world) figure.

Should the allegations be confirmed, one should be reminded racing participants are human, hence not immune from the problems of society, including the use of illegal substances.  Unfortunately, when you drive 1,200 lb animals for a living, you don't get to have a free pass, the safety of horses and others requires action to be taken the first time.  So when ready to judge Jamieson over this incident, one should remember "There goes I....".  One just hopes there is no next time.    VFTRG wishes Jamieson all the best and hope this is a one-time affair.

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