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Sunday, June 15, 2014

The Most Exciting Race You Missed Yesterday

The best race yesterday didn't occur in North America; it was contested in Kouvola, Finland where Elitlopp winner Timoko defeated Commander Crowe in the Kymi Grand Prix with a kilometer rate of 1'13".  Timoko, starting in the second tier, was on the outside for a good part of the 2,100 meter tilt and for a good part of the race was in a good old fashioned speed duel with Commander Crowe.  What is more amazing is just when it looked like Timoko paid the price for his trip, he managed to come back on to win in a thrilling finish.

Are you telling me races like this wouldn't attract people to harness racing?  I think races like this would make the sport more popular, especially with the varied distances.  Also, look at the camera angles used in the race.  While the presentation may not be the best on the continent, it certainly is more aesthetically pleasing than the traditional angles used in North American racing.

Some Musings....

It's no secret to anyone that Bee A Magician is not the same horse as last year.  While her previous defeats this year were respectable, Saturday night's finish in the Armbro Flight was troublesome to say the least.  In the same race, Perfect Alliance finished second to Classic Martine.  As much as I like Perfect Alliance, I figured it was just a matter of time before she lost. it was just a question as to whom.  After all, a horse racing in the deep of winter is not likely a horse which will go undefeated; especially once stakes season begins.  I do think Pefect Alliance is one of the better ones so I am certain she will be back in the winners circle before long.

It will be interesting to see how many horses drop in the box Monday at the Meadowlands to take on Sebastian K.  Last week, not enough horses dropped in for the TVG FFA Trot; they have a chance to drop in this race again this week.

It is that time of the year when the babies graduate from the morning drills to the big show under the light and this weekend it's the case at the Meadowlands.  Personally, I think they are horrible races to wager on, but I must admit I enjoy watching them race to see if I can identify the next future star.

I remember soon after the Meadowlands opened, they had a stakes race containing sixteen 2yo trotting colts in one race; many making their first parimutuel start.  A recipe for disaster right?   Not at all, the race was contested without any incidents.  Now horsemen are in an uproar when you suggest they start twelve horses in the same race (on a mile track).  Yes, I know, they are the ones who put on the show, the producers so to speak.  However, continuing to put on bad betting races due to short fields will make the customer not come back and if that is the case, the 'show' closes.

Did you know it is a little over two weeks until the Grand Circuit stops at Historic Track?  After 25+ years of going there, I can't help but feel it is 'old home week'.  If you never have been to Goshen for the 4th of July meet, you really are missing out on something, even without the betting.   In fact, there is something about watching racing for racing sake which makes it even more enjoyable.

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