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Friday, June 13, 2014

Racing Takes a Hit in Ontario; Outriders (Lack off); The Captain Debuts

Ouch.  Ontario horsemen must be waking up to the news that not only didn't the Liberals lose the provincial election yesterday but their hold on the government became stronger as a result of the Liberals winning a majority government in the province.  If you recall, it was the Liberals who ended the Slots at Racetrack Program and the hope of the industry was if another party took control of the provincial parliament, some form of SARP would return.  With the Liberals maintaining their hold on the government, the chances of that happening is greatly reduced.

With the Liberal party's policy regarding horse racing being a campaign issue, what does this have to say about racing in the province?  While people may not want racing to disappear, the connection of people to racing is not strong enough for it to be a high priority for them.  Teachers come first.  This is a lesson for horsemen in Canada, and the States to learn.

A must read article is at regarding the lack of outriders at many harness tracks.  The lack of an outrider is likely due to cost, but in not having an outrider, they are risking the lives of driver and horse.  This is an unconscionable situation.  If a track doesn't provide an outrider, horsemen groups must insist on one when their contracts come up for renewal.

The Captain returns to the racing wars tonight in the Meadowlands Maturity at the Meadowlands (Race 10).  The Captain is well prepped for the race including three brilliant qualifiers so post 10 shouldn't be a problem for him.  The only thing which looks questionable is the forecast; torrential rain is forecast for tonight but to hope that stops The Captain is wishful thinking.  You can check this site to see how the HANA Handicappers play the race.  Each week there seems to be a blockbuster play made.

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