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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

The Meadowlands Rodeo

As reported by Insider Access (a publication of Harnessslink) there was a case of true hardball at the Meadowlands in the 10th race on Saturday night between Jack Baggitt Jr. and Joe Bongiorno.  Apparently Baggitt, annoyed at Bongiorno for not letting him duck in after being parked out in a speed duel, almost locking wheels which resulted in Bongiorno leaving the course.  Once out of the race, Bongiorno backed up in the field looking for Baggitt to tell him who was 'number one' (well, you know what I mean).

You can watch the race here:

Insider Access (here is a link to subscribe) criticizes both drivers for not taking the dispute into the backstretch where they could duke it out and I guess the author was correct.  However, it is important for young drivers to stand their ground to show they won't be intimidated by others, especially since the public doesn't want to see someone take up their horse to give someone a tuck ahead of them so I don't hold Bongiorno at fault for the initial hanging out of the favorite.   However, what is inexcusable is the fact Bongiorno didn't worry about the race after that initial run in and instead of driving through to the wire        , he was more concerned with getting close to Baggitt so he could give him the bird.

As for Baggitt, he was definitely at fault.  He got caught in a speed duel and there was no hole for him to take.  Instead of trying to bully his way to the rail, he should have taken the medicine one gets when you are parked outside with nowhere to go.

Regardless, it will be interesting to see if the judges took any action regarding the cowboy moves in the race from these two drivers.  One thing for certain, it must have been interesting in the back paddock after the race.

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