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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Meadowlands Makes it a Little More Lucrative to Have a NJ-Sired Horse

In a similar vein to my column of this morning regarding baby racing, the Meadowlands and SBOANJ have agreed to a program offering added money for NJ-sired horses starting on December 5, 2014.   A 60% bonus will be offered in their NW1 thru NW4 classes as such:

                Non-Winners of 1:           $10,000 (Plus $6,000 for NJ-Sired horses) 
                Non-Winners of 2:           $12,500 (Plus $7,500 for NJ-Sired horses) 
                Non-Winners of 3:           $15,000 (Plus $9,000 for NJ-Sired horses) 
                Non-Winners of 4:           $17,500 (Plus $10,500 for NJ-Sired horses) 

Let's say a NY-sired horse decided to race at the Meadowlands this winter and ran through the classes, winning each race; they would earn $27,500.  Now let's say a NJ-sired horse ran through the classes; they would earn $44,000 ($15,500 more).  With the purses enhanced for NJ-sired horses, it makes a NJ-sired horse more valuable as it will be easier to win back all or a greater portion of what the owner invested on the horse.  This should stimulate the interest in NJ stallions.

This is an idea a long time coming and purchasers of yearlings will consider this come this fall.

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