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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The AQHA Steps Up First

Thanks to G.G. Myer for bringing this item to my attention.  The AQHA has on its own implemented the Multiple Medication Violation System (MMVS) which is modeled after the ARCI's proposal to assess points for certain violations of medication rules.  The MMVS is an internal system, used for purposes of the AQHA which is the registry of the American Quarter Horse and doesn't apply on the state regulatory level.

So what is the point?  Horses under suspension or started by an owner or trainer under suspension does not earn points towards year end awards or championship races.  In addition, those under suspension are banned from competing in AQHA-sponsored races.  In addition, to give a clearer sense of a horse's records, sales companies are being asked to publish the number of MMVS points a horse has in their catalogs.

So what does this do for the standardbred industry?  Granted, the USTA doesn't sponsor any races to keep violators from but adoption of a similar MMVS by the standardbred industry could keep those who seek the glory of year end awards from using trainers of questionable behavior.  In addition, while a separate organization, the Hambletonian Society which owns many races could alter their conditions to keep perennial violators from participating in races such as the Breeders Crown.

One last Belmont Stakes note.  If you run a big event, you better be prepared for it.  NYRA clearly was not ready for the big crowd they had on Belmont Stakes Day.   Running out of food, insufficient mass transit capability and worse yet, turning people out of the track with no guidance on how to get home is the sign of a non-caring organization.  Rest assured many of the 100,000 people who attended are not likely to return anytime soon.  Anyone else running a major event in racing would be well served to learn from NYRAs mistakes and not repeat them.

No leg of the TVG FFA Series for trotters this Friday at the Meadowlands as not enough horses dropped in the box.  Yes, there was the Charlie Hill Memorial at Scioto this past weekend, but have our top standardbreds become like thoroughbreds, unable to come back the following week?

Fortunately, the Meadowlands Maturity is on tap Friday which features the seasonal debut for Captaintreacherous.  While this will be The Captain's first start of the season, he is well prepped with three qualifiers working up to this race, including his last effort, a 1:50.1 effort.  If there is any hope for his detractors looking for an upset is the fact he is saddled with the 10 hole.

Something which may have escaped you is this year, Back to the Track is different with the event going on tour in 2014 starting this weekend at the Meadowlands.  Check the website to see when your local track is participating as well as what promotions around the event are planned.

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