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Monday, June 9, 2014

Dutching and Conditional Wagering Comes to AmWager

I know AmWager is not available to everyone, but I like to mention when I hear of an ADW providing advanced features in their wagering platform beyond plain vanillia.  AmWager now offers 'conditional' and 'dutching' wagering options.  As per their press release,

  • Dutching is a feature that allows the bettor to receive the desired payout he would like in a race.  It allows the customer the chance to win big on betting overlays. Dutching will maximize your return on investment. It is easy to use by just clicking on the "Dutch" icon.
  • Conditional wagering allows the bettor to create wagers with desired specific odds/probable payoffs. It is set a minute to post to determine and evaluate your wants for win, daily double, exacta or quinella payout's.
Of course, with conditional wagers going in a minute before post time, there is still time for odds changes which may result in a smaller or greater payoff, but that late, any odds changes should be reasonable.  Best yet is you can put you wagers in far in advance and not worry about them; you get the approximate odds you want or the bet doesn't go in.

Please note this is not an endorsement of the AmWager wagering platform or their wagering services.  As a service to readers, I will let readers know of features which are not available in certain platforms you may be using.  Of course, there are other things to consider such as service, rebates, and whether or not the AmWager service is available in your state. (Disclosure: I have NOT received any remuneration for this post and am not a user of AmWager wagering services and am not recommending the service.  VFTRG accepts no liability for your using the service.  You are advised to obey all local gambling laws.)

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