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Saturday, June 7, 2014

Guest Blog: An Accurate Indictment

by Murray Brown

The New York Times just cannot leave it alone. 

On one of the few days where most everything we read and see about horse racing is positive, William Rhoden has a video up once again attacking the sport for its use of drugs. 

I'm not about to argue that much of what Mr Rhoden says is untrue. However one thing most definitely is. He puts the blame of horse racing not having a central authority and rules, which many people believe would help the sport immensely on its participants.

One hundred percent of the blame should go on the states who refuse to cede any of the power they possess. Instead they fill positions of power with people who have very little knowledge of the sport and its participants, both human and equine. They are often doing this to repay political debts. Each state has different rules and different people administering them. In many if not most cases its a case of the blind leading the blind.

Without absolute knowledge, I know for certain that the vast majority of participants in all facets of horse racing would be thrilled to have a central governing agency with one set of rules running the sport.
The fault in this situation Mr Rhoden is not with racing's participants, but rather with your state and all the others.

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