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Friday, March 1, 2013

Surprise, No Surprise

As expected in this corner, the NHL, NBA, NFL, NCAA, and MLB received a permanent injunction against the New Jersey law which provides for sports wagering on college and professional sports.  The judge in the case ruled the 1992 law which bans professional sports wagering, except where grandfathered, is constitutional.

Of course, New Jersey will appeal the case, and once through the US Court of Appeals it will be on to the US Supreme Court.  My guess is if the law is upheld in the Court of Appeals, it is a dead issue.  After all, if the Supreme Court refused to hear an appeal by the State of Delaware to offer single game wagering on NFL games (they are allowed a three game parlay because it was grandfathered), what makes anyone thing the Supreme Court will hear to this case?

The best chance of New Jersey getting sports wagering is if the federal law is repealed.  Of course, in a bit of irony or what's good for the goose is good for the gander, Senate President Harry Reid from Nevada may very well not allow any such bill come up for a vote (sounds familiar Senator Sweeney?).

The bottom line is don't expect to see sports wagering in the Garden State any time soon, either at a casino or a racetrack.

In a little amusement, the State of New Jersey is trying to be second in the nation with online gaming and of course, trying to get sports wagering.  You may find it amusing that the Governor has announced March 3 is the start of National Problem Gambling Awareness Week.

I got on to the new NJ4Bets today for the first time and I must confess I like it.  If you are a NJ resident and have been holding off on establishing an account, now is a good time to join.  Click here to see the site.  There are more racetracks available.

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