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Monday, March 25, 2013

Kudos to Yonkers Raceway and the SOA of NY

Yonkers Raceway has announced pures for their NW2 and NW4 classes for 3-4yos  will be increasing to $15,000 (NW2) and $18,000 (NW4); a $5,000 increase for each class starting next week.

This is a step in the right direction to offer owners of young horses, the ones who tend to buy them at auction a better chance to earn their way back.  As a result of these increases, NW2 horses which were racing for the same prices as $12,500 claimers will now be racing for more money than $20,000 claimers; the NW4 horses, have been racing for the same prices of $15,000 claimers will now be going for more than the $25,000 claimers, basically leap froging two classes.

Is this enough to help revive the breeding industry?  Of course, not but it is a step in recognizing the plight of yearling buyers and the breeders.  Yonkers and their horsemen, whose approval was needed should be applauded for this step.  Additional tracks need to do the same thing; perhaps for a higher increase.  

That being said, Jay Bergman has some advice for Joe Faraldo.  He recommends instead of worrying about what is going on at the Meadowlands, he take care of business at Yonkers to make it a more desirable product, a product people would like to bet on.

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