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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Another One Bites the Dust; The Wonder Kid

Unable to reach an agreement with the province, Kawartha Downs last racing day will be March 30 after which harness racing will disappear into the sunset there.  While a transitional funding deal couldn't be reached, the slots will continue to operate until a new operator of the casino operations is selected.  This does not just impact Kawartha Down's horse racing, most of their auto racing schedule has been eliminated as well.

Yesterday there was a webcast featuring John Snobelen and Dennis Mills and those expecting more details to come from this webcast were sure to be disappointed.  Other than some platitudes to each other, no new details were revealed.  All I can say is those with stock that will do in the United States is Head South if more details aren't released soon for unless the government changes anytime soon, your future is tied to a government that tried to bury you.  Let's say they do give racing sports betting.  How soon before the government tries to get its hands on that?

Jay Bergman of the DRF attempted to interview the latest wonder kid (if you can call a 26 year old a kid) in training, Brandon Todd.  His background would certainly raise eyes amongst some cynics.  All I will say is Todd is very lucky.  In an industry where many trainers are forced to ply their trade initially at the minor league tracks before making it to the major leagues, Todd was able to get the horses to jump to the major league.  There is always an element of luck in racing, which is why some truly capable trainers end up changing careers, work for someone else, or have a successful career; it would appear Todd is just a natural.

Kentucky is on the verge of changing their rules to allow Kentucky bred horses to compete in the same races restricted to Kentucky sired (KYSS).  A smart move for a state which has seen an exodus of sires from the state.  At least the farms can stay open as nurseries, a way to have jobs for Kentuckians involved in horse breeding.  New Jersey would be wise to implement the same type of legislation before their sires stakes races become walk overs.

Back in October, I wrote about the resting place of Tarport Hap and what would happen with the Meadowlands moving their grandstand.  I have learned that Tarport Hap's resting place will be relocated to be near the new grandstand.  While it would be ideal if Tarport Hap could remain in her present location, the move is a lot better than becoming part of a parking lot.  After all, she was Royalty.

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