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Friday, March 22, 2013

Friday Late Briefs

The Last Word:  I could go on and on about how wrong Joe Faraldo was regarding the Meadowlands 'cartel', but it a waste of time.  However. to close this out once and for all, Harness Racing Update gets the last word.  But what I will say, and this is because it is a different topic, is that Faraldo's screed shows us one of the problems with harness racing.  While Faraldo's job is to represent the interests of the (Yonkers Raceway) horsemen, it's all about them; to heck with the gambler.  With his worrying about in effect selling the signal at a discount, how quick do you think Mr. Faraldo would agree to a takeout reduction at Yonkers?  Don't hold your breath because that would be selling the signal at a discount.  Unfortunately, there are other horsemen group leaders who feel the same way.

Exchange Wagering Delay:  The California Office of Administrative Law has rejected the CHRB's proposed rules regarding exchange wagering, thus delaying its arrival at Cal Expo.  No reason for the rejection has been given yet so one has to wait to see if the rejection was minor or a total rejection.  Hopefully, there was no lobbying by those in California against exchange wagering for fear of selling their signal at a discount because while the commission per bet is small, the multiplier effect is much greater; this is the experience in Europe and there is no reason to think it wouldn't be the experience in the United States.  Exchange wagering will get here in the United States; it is just a question of whether it will be California and New Jersey and when.  The sooner the better.

God Bless the OSRC:  Two times now they Ohio State Racing Commission has rejected PNG's plans for their standardbred and thoroughbred track's seating plans.  I wouldn't be surprised unless PNG realizes the state isn't going to let the tracks become a raCINO and provides enough seating that is at least enclosed and facing the track, they are going to be kept held up on their construction schedule.  Granted by forcing them to put more seats in isn't going to make them pay more attention on racing, but it makes me feel confident that the OSRC isn't going to allow them to neglect their racing program either.

Running Aces a Go:  By a 5-4 vote, the Minnesota Racing Commission granted race dates to Running Aces Harness Park to start their meet on June 1 to give a rebuke to the thoroughbred horsemen who sought to have their license pulled.  There are issues which need to be resolved between Running Aces and the thoroughbred horsemen but that can be done via the court system, without shutting the track down.  With such a close vote, I would like to know how many of the commissioners have thoroughbrd backgrounds versus standardbred backgrounds.  If anyone knows, please share it.

Speaking of Cal Expo:  Here is a nice blog entry on Cal Expo's website.  It talks about a newcomer getting introduced to the sport and all the preparation that is involved.  Some running tracks have morning workout programs, it would be nice if more standardbred tracks had similar programs even if offered as part of school field trip programs.  After all, with school budget cuts and a tight economy, teachers are looking for 'free' programs.

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