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Friday, March 29, 2013

April in Ontario and Friday Comments

Well, racing dates have finally been issued by the ORC for the month of April in Ontario, with little time to spare.  A few tracks have dropped dates, while some have added dates.  With Kawartha Downs applying to surrender their license, it makes it official that they are done.

The Ontario Parliment passed a resolution calling for SARP to continue and to put the OLG's modernization plan on hold.  This is nice except for one thing, it is worthless.  These 'sense of'' resolutions only provide members of parliment (and congress) with fluff to go back to the voters with.

HANA Harness has announced their 2013 Handicapping Challenge.  It sounds like it may be real fun to follow and perhaps get ideas for wagering strategies on the Grand Circuit races.  While the list of handicappers has not yet been released, last year's winner Mark McKelvie is rumored to return to defend his 2013 victory along with some other interesting handicapers.    The contest begines in late April.

Round Two of the Matchmaker and Levy Series this weekend at Yonkers.  It seems last week's winners in the Levy have been saddled with bad posts.  I realize it is a random draw but on a track which favors the inside posts, it is good that last week's winners get handicapped this week.

Week two of the Meadowlands competing against Harrah's and Pocono Downs and Thursday's draw was a bit light while Saturday's card actually isn't that bad with only one seven horse field and three nine horse fields out of the 13 races on the card.  I must confess, I wonder if it was wise to drop the $10,000 claimers from the Meadowlands condition sheet.  Yes, it is spring time, but when you know you will be short of horses, dropping any class may not have been the wisest move.  We know gamblers want competitive fields instead of quality.  I won't be surprised if we see the $10 claimers back later this year.

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