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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Grand Circuit Points of Interest

With the posting of the Grand Circuit schedule, VFTRG contributor Joe F. has some observations regarding the coming and going of certain stakes races as well as purse changes.  Apparently, in addition to the Grand Circuit changing, purse values are also moving in both directions.

One thing to note is despite not being on the official Grand Circuit schedule, The Raceway at the Western Fair District will be a member of the Grand Circuit with the Molson Pace on May  31.  The reason it wasn't listed on the official schedule was WFD needed to wait until the announcement from Ontario Premier Wynne before making any official commitments.  The status of the Forest City Pace for mares is unknown at this time as the schedule at WFD is only firm through May 31, the rest of their schedule depends on how the racing schedule shakes out in the province.

Without further ado, here is Joe's entry 

The Grand Circuit schedule for 2013 was just released. Here are a few things that stand out.

·         The Maxie Lee at Harrah’s, which was held on Super Sunday in August, has been moved to May 26, the same day as the Betsy Ross. Last year both of those races went for $100,000. This year they each step up to $250,000. This positions the Maxie Lee three weeks after the Meadowlands Maturity and two weeks after the Cutler. The Betsy Ross will fall six days before the Golden Girls at the Meadowlands. The GG carries an estimated purse of $218,850.

·         The Yonkers Trot will be three weeks later in the season, on July 27, two weeks after the Stanley Dancer and one week before the Hambletonion. The companion Hudson Filly Trot remains back on July 6, a week before the Del Miller.

·         The Hambletonion purse has been cut 20% to $1.2 million, while the Oaks purse has been slashed 33% to $500,000.

·         The NA Cup purse has been reduced by 33% to $1 million.

·         Last year the Moni Maker and the Golden Girls were both held on August 17 at the Meadowlands. This year they head in different directions: the Golden Girls will be held June 1 while the Moni Maker will be pushed back to the track’s new “super night,” or whatever they’ll call it, on November 30.

·         The Messenger purse has been increased by 11% while the estimated purse on the companion Lady Maud drops 42%.

·         The Nadia Lobell, which was cancelled last year by Jeff Gural due to a lack of nominations, will be back on super duper night, November 30.

·         The Governor’s Cup, which was not held last year, will also be contested on super night, November 30. ARNRD won the race at Harrah’s in 2011. The purse was $510,000 which is what it is estimated to be this year.

·         The Three Diamonds, which was not held last year, will also be back on November 30. The purse is estimated to be $380,000, which is what it was two years ago at Harrah’s when Economy Terror beat Cookie, Pirouette and Shelliscape.

·         The Valley Victory will also be revived on November 30. The purse is estimated to be $410,000.

·         The Goldsmith Maid will also come back to life on November 30. It wasn’t raced last year. Crys Dream beat Cedar Dove at Woodbine in 2010 and Win Missy B beat Superstar at Harrah’s in 2011.

·         Some of the other purse reductions for stakes in Canada are:

Fan Hanover……..minus 33%

Goodtimes……….           28%

Elegantimage…….        27%

Roses Are Red……       12%

She’s A Great Lady      32%

Metro…………………       30%

CPD…………………...        28%

Peaceful Way……..       19%

Wellwood…………..       18%

Milton………………..       31%

Maple Leaf Trot…        27%

Armbro Flight……         24%

CTC………………….           30%

The Confederation Cup?....The Maple Leaf and Armbro Flight are not on the list released by the GC, but the Mohawk site has them on their stakes schedule at the reduced rates noted above…….The Hambletonion and the NA Cup are the only two million dollar races left.


Anonymous said...

I was surprised to see the Empire Breeder's Classics on the list. I thought the Grand Circuit races were supposed to be open to the world, not restricted like sire stakes.

Pacingguy said...

They are not in the Grand Circuit, the same as a couple other races. It will be corrected. The editor made a mistake. Thanks for pointing it out.

Anonymous said...

Is the list of Grand Circuit stakes available in spreadsheet or database format so viewers can download, sort and slice-and-dice the data?

Pacingguy said...

There is a Grand Circuit mini-site on the USTA website which has a PDF of Grand Circut dates. I know there are software packages which can convert PDFs to Excel spreadsheets so you may want to look at such a package. Otherwise, I am not aware of a version you can manipulate as you want.