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Monday, March 25, 2013

Monday's Notes

The Rainbow Pick 6 was hit at Pocono Downs last night by one winner who earned a nifty $25,000 for their efforts thanks to the guarantee.  The only problem for Pocono was the pool was a mere $1,392 with a $759 carryover.  But I suspect there were few players of the wager since the largest pay-off in the sequence was 3.30-1.  Under the rules of the Rainbow Pick 6, it is hit only if one player selects the winning combination.  A wager like this at the Meadowlands would have had more than one person selecting the winning combination. 

Was it the $1 minimum which made it easy for only one gambler to hit a very hittable combination?  It could very well be as a dime minimum would have allowed more people to cover multiple combinations.  One thing for sure, Pocono's brand being tarnished for serious gamblers didn't help for even with the minimum $1 wager, the pool should have been higher if the gamblers were playing Pocono; especially with a reasonable 15% takeout.  According to Dale Rapson, the $25,000 guarantee was a one time promotional offer.  They have another $50,000 which will be used for $25,000 guarantees on other wagers later in the meet.

Speaking of takeouts, PTP has suggested what he would call 'optimal' wagering rates.  A few of them are a lttle too low in my estimation, but the concept is correct.   Why should anyone be expected to pay 17% for WPS wagers is beyond me.

We are a week away from the new world in Ontario and while there may be whispers as to where horsemen will be racing come April 1, there is nothing official per the ORC.  That being said, politicians keep playing politics and playing with the hearts of horsemen throughout the province.  This Thursday, the Progressive Conservatives have a bill posted which calls for the SAR program to be continued into 2014.  Great right?  Wrong, it is a non-binding resolution and if anyone thinks the Liberal government's OLG is going to continuere SARP, they must have been the one who collected the Rainbow Pick 6 at Pocono last night.  What this bill represents is political theatre; passing a bill which does absolutely nothing.

The Meadowlands takes its first step in fighting back against the PA tracks by attemtping to seduce the C class pacers and trotters for two weeks.  Race week one for normal purses and the C-2 trotters and pacers can find themselves racing for $17,500; the equivalent of an A-3 trotter if they advance; C-1 pacers can find themselves racing for what A-2 pacers race for the following week.  If this is successful, expect to see these enducements at least until stakes season kicks off in earnest.

Despite having slots in Maine, the situation there is not good.  The tracks want to cut purses as well as reduce the number of required race dates.  The reason?  Slot revenue is down.  This should be a cautionary lesson to all slot states.   

Have a great week.


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